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This sweet little one above and her family have been requesting photos from KHP for over two years now. I met them when she was only 6 months old and before I had a studio to work out of. And like so many other families that have trusted me over the years, she has grown with KHP. I've watched her become a big sister, learn how to talk, walk and GIGGLE! Her Mom and I have always laid out solid plans for their sessions, but she closes all emails to me with, "Sounds great, but we trust you and I know you'll make it look awesome!" I admit there are times when I don't feel as confidant with that trust, but if you know me, I always like a good challenge (as much as I resist it sometimes). Her family ALWAYS comes perfectly coordinated as well. If anyone ever wonders what to wear or how to coordinate colors....I usually send them one of their galleries for a good example! So it's pretty awesome when you start the session with something great to work with. 

This session was Kate's 3 year milestone session. WOW! 3 years! How did that happen? Weren't we just talking about smash cake in the park? This year it was HOT, it was HUMID and it was RAINING (how different). I grumbled. Oh, how I grumbled about the weather. I finally resigned to doing their summer session in the studio, to which Kate's Mom said, "Sounds great. We trust you and I know you'll make it look awesome."

>insert panic<

But it's SUMMER, I want to be outside! I want to be anywhere but the studio in the SUMMER! As my daughter with a winter birthday promptly kicks dirt and says...."I never get my birthday pictures outside in fun dresses because of the SNOW!"

I flopped down at my desk and finally blew a whole bunch of blocked energy and took the reigns over the session ahead of me. I got my space and looked at the world around me. Which at moment was my office. I have much of my client and personal work hanging in there. To do exactly what it did that day. INSPIRE ME! There are two images, one of my daughter and one of a reeeeeeeeally longtime client at Kate's age. Who were this cute kids staring back at me? Dancing in the rain and jumping in the puddles?

The inspiration images from past sessions.

DUH, Katie! >light bulb moment<

Go outside! Embrace nature! Get a little wet! I had done it before! Letting a three year old be a three year old!!! I jumped up with excitement (I often see myself a cartoon character in these moments). I would need balloons, a rain coat and boots, an umbrella AND....bubbles! I warn you, what you're about to see is some serious cuteness! Look at how the session turned out.

And of course I was thrilled to get the email from Kate's Mom saying she loved them all so much, which makes my heart happy! 

^^^OH! Did I mention, Kate brought a crown with her? Birthday Princess! Heck, yea!!! ^^^

...and guess who decided to show his beautiful face late in the session! Mr. Sunshine!

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