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I say without concession that every single birth, even for the same mother, is different. It can be different or many reasons, but I tend to believe that it's because we experience each one from present time. Meaning that we as self are older, wiser and bringing to each birth different experience from the parts of life already lived. 
Baby Niels' birth was special for me because no more than 3 years ago I attended his older sister's birth day, in the same room, with the same people. When Julie contacted me about sweet baby #4, I was really excited because this was a family I had been through labor with before. I had that faint over confidence that it would be easier the second time and I'm sure Julie might have felt the same way; after all it was her 4th pregnancy. 

Baby Neils' Homebirth Story from Katie Hall Photography on Vimeo.

As I crossed off the days on the calendar and kept my phone on loud, I started to wonder how this birth would be different for all of us. This baby was special. Conceived against all the odds and proving to be very different than his siblings. Julie had a lot of starts and stops to her labor. Lots of false alarms that kept my family fed on crock pot meals and my camera bag in ready position; as is the life of any on-call professional. I don't consider myself a thrill seeker, so the adrenaline rushes after 2am phone calls kind of take care of that void in my life. I'm okay with that >chuckle<. Julie went 10 days past her due date (a new experience for her). I think we were all a little amazed. She labored very quietly. She birthed in her bed and Niels was born in the caul! So many wonderful firsts for this Mom four times over. I was in awe of her strength, her bravery and her moxie. Within 2 hours after giving birth she was tucked into bed, baby at her breast and conducting a homework session with her her oldest son. Her other two readied for bed in a swirl of activity. Among the movement was the calm, confidant energy of a seasoned mother, bringing all of her experience into present time. 

Happy Birth Day Julie! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me into your birth space once more. I'm so grateful. <3 Katie

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